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HOST:Revenge. Get even. Get revenge. Revenge tactics. All terms we contemplate at one time or another. Eventually there comes a time when you simply cannot overlook a misdeed someone has committed against you. Retaliation is due! But how? How does one achieve their revenge without exposing themselves to retribution?

The mission of this web site, Absolute Revenge, is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, strategies and tactics to GET EVEN without having to worry about retaliation.
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Out Of Business
Force a Company, Business, or Store to Close Its Doors... for Good!
by Dennis Fiert
Don't Get Mad Get Even
The Fine Art of Revengemanship
by Jane Inder and Hilary Eyre
Get Even
The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks
by George Hayduke

Get Even 2
More Dirty Tricks from the Master of Revenge
by George Hayduke
Divorce Dirty Tricks

At last, the book everyone knew was needed but had never been written until now. Our author, Bob Morrison, suffered through three divorces of his own, and in the process became an "MD Master of Divorce."

Divorce Dirty Tricks can help others become just as successful. This down-to-earth guide is not one of those "creative divorce" books thought up by some soft-headed psychiatrist. Nor is it a product of some "men's rights" or "women's movement" organization. Divorce Dirty Tricks is for both men and women-anyone who wants expert, practical advice on divorce. Here is a virtual "fighter's manual" of successful techniques. (more info)$20.00

Revenge Book
by Bob Smith
Revenge Encyclopedia
Screw Unto Others
Revenge Tactics for All Occasions0
by George Hayduke


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